Our Artisans - who makes our clothes?

Who Makes Our Clothes:

We have three brands that we design, produce and sell within the Jaipur Joy family. These are the people who make our clothes….

Noor – Eco block prints 

Noor is our eco brand. It has a love for natural dyes at its core and a desire to tailor for the fuller figure. It is moving into more contemporary shapes and style. It is made using only organic cotton and stitched with a high-end boutique finish using French seams and an eye for detail. Its eco credentials are as follows.

  • The company we work with have a Purpose-built printing unit with good natural light and air circulation and lots of space.
  • They wash all fabric in plant enzymes before printing instead of using bleach.
  • They recycle 80% of its water using a digester that harnesses plant enzyme technology to remove toxins and return the water to a reusable state.
  • They have a purpose-built oven to cook the fabric after printing to fix the dyes into the fabric to make it machine washable and as an alternative to using an acid bath.
  • All dyes are ISO free or natural dyes like indigo.
  • Wages are some of the highest for block printers in this whole region. 

Our stitching Unit for Noor:

Simon Marks is our talented atelier who does our pattern making and grading of the sizes also oversees our production at a socially accountable (fair trade) stitching unit based in Jaipur. 

Conscious Kantha

We have designed this brand to be purely dedicated to Kantha stitch embroidered fabrics with a sustainability at its heart. Recycled fabrics are quilted using the kantha stitch technique and made into running fabrics and throws which we then turn into garments. Our Coats and jackets have a big following with some customers becoming collectors of our designs.

We work with a village outside of Jaipur, where our fabrics are all Kantha stitch embroidered by a community of women who are able to work from their homes to earn additional incomes for their families. We also work in Bagru village where we have some of our vintage Bengali Gudi throws indigo overdyed to allow for a more western taste and style.

Jaipur Joy

Screen printed, planet friendly and affordable. 

We are currently setting up our own in-house stitching unit for all three brands and for outside trade orders. We also print with a family run business in Jodhpur where they screen print all of our fabrics in the Jaipur Joy collection.

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