Kantha Stitch Embroidery

Kantha stitch is a simple running stitch that has the effect of quilting a fabric. This is a traditional embroidery originally form Bangladesh and Bengal. The word Kantha means ‘story’ and most kantha is often known as Monsoon Kantha, because it imitates the monsoon rain in its densely vertical embroidery. There is also a more elaborate form of Kantha embroidery which is found in the villages of this region and is often depicting birds or animals or even village folk law. There are a number of villages we work with in and around Kolkata where very skilled groups of women embroider the  Kantha stitch on handloom silk shawls.
We also work with a Womens project in Bangalore who support women who were previously destitute and offer them a home and a new livelihood through kantha stitch embroidery. They make a beautiful selection of shawls made of upcycled silk saris which have been Kantha stitch embroidered back to back using the Monsoon Kantha technique.