Who Makes your clothes? - part 1

Have you ever wondered who are the people who make your clothes and what their story is? Well at The House of Eunice we have been working in India producing our clothing for some time now and during this time we have been privileged to be able to work closely with a number of different communities who are part of our production chain in some way. In this blog I hope to be able to share some of their stories.

Much of our fabrics are hand block printed and when we started producing in India, we first started working in Sanganer; a block printing district in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We have since moved from here in an attempt to become more environmentally friendly in the way in which our fabric is printed and now work with a company who have an industrial unit purpose built outside Bagru, Rajasthan. We contract our exclusive designs and commission them to be printed by this company who have very good eco - credentials in their hand block printing process. The printers are some of the best paid artisans in their field of work, due to their level of skill and to encourage high staff retention within the printing sheds. The space is light with very good health and safety and air circulation and has a positive and creative energy generally. 

Once the fabric is printed it is sent to a company we work with who run an Atelier stitching unit in Jaipur, where it is made into our summer collection of garments. It might surprise you to know that it is mostly men that are employed in this particular stitching unit which has some highly skilled tailors and embroidery artisans. They are a tight knit team of staff who are paid well based upon their role and skills. Following an extensive sampling stage, our exclusive designs are transformed into patterns and sizes are graded by our Atelier, Simon Marks, who runs the stitching unit. They are then cut by the 'Master G' pattern cutter, and given to the work force to stitch into our final garments. Simon creates a productive environment for the workplace and also has a great sense of fun and this makes for a happy workplace. 

see part 2 for 'who makes your clothes' and discover how we produce our Conscious Kantha slow fashion label.

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