The beauty of being a slow fashion eco brand...

Noor is our in-house Eco slow fashion brand, but what does that actually mean?

Well, slow fashion may just be the cure that the Fashion Industry needs for its grossly out of control waste problem… and we want to show you why choosing brands like Noor, is the best way you can get your money to do the talking and play your part in saving the Fashion Industry from itself.

Did you know that every year in Great Britain we send over 700,000 tonnes of clothing out of our homes and into clothing banks, charity shops and out in our black bag rubbish. A whopping 30% of this ends up in landfill, equating to 10,000 items of clothing being sent to landfill every 5 minutes.

The majority of our audience is female, and as a women-led business we feel it’s important to acknowledge that we are the biggest consumers of fast fashion with 1 in 3 women feeling that items of clothing become outdated after just 3 wears…this mindset just has to change if we’re going to put an end to fast fashion and the damage it causes not only to the environment but to the workers that create this cheap clothing too.

It's so important to us to grow Noor eco block prints in a way that is sustainable and kind to the environment, as part of this we have started to donate every month to Ecologi who offset all of our carbon footprint for us, making us a carbon positive brand. To date we’ve planted 50 viable trees through this scheme which is just a beginning.

The work that our printers do to tackle the environmental impact of our block prints is also part of how we are eco friendly as a brand. Our printers use no harsh chemicals in the printing of the fabric. Our pigment prints use Izo free dyes with no acid bath process to fix the dyes. Instead our printers use an oven to cook the fabric after printing which makes it machine washable. Plant enzymes are used to wash the fabric before printing instead of the traditional use of bleach. All our water is recycled through a digester unit which uses plant enzyme technology to digest any dyes left in the water after printing, this allows our printers to recycle more than 80% of the water they use. This is essential for the sustainability of the craft in the desert state of Rajasthan where they are located.

We hope you as our customers feel that you are playing your part in tackling the issues of climate and the environment, by choosing a beautiful slow fashion eco brand like Noor.

 Our new Noor - Summer 2022 collection will be available soon.