Moving into India in 2022

With the dawn of a new year we often are reflective in our outlook. As many of my loyal customers will know, the last two years have brought big changes to The House of Eunice, including the closure of my lovely shop on the south bank in London and a move to Frome in Somerset. I was forced to close the company and return to trading on local markets with our beautiful range of stock. 

With the length of the pandemic stretching out in front of us in 2021, it was impossible to get out to India to produce more beautiful items for my followers. However, in 2022 the picture - although still very unclear, is looking a bit more positive. 

I am taking the opportunity to spend some time in India over the next few months to create and produce a number of new collections for my customers. I am excited to get started on breaking new ground in new natural dye techniques and low impact on the environment printing and manufacturing. So folks watch this space!

As a direct result of closing The House of Eunice, I have decided to change the name of the website. Its time to move forward like a phoenix rising from its ashes. So please watch out for the name change in the next month. The new website will be called  

Best wishes to you all and a here's hoping
for a happy healthy and more joyful New Year !