Feeling Joyful with Jaipur Joy...

Following the pandemic it has been a complete joy to finally return to India and feel the heady mix of heat, sunshine and bustle combined with the beauty of the people the architecture and of course the fabrics. In all of this hubbub, a new idea came to me whilst sketching designs for different garments; how about trying to express some of this joy I'm feeling and share it. And so Jaipur Joy has been born; simply put - it is a more affordable slow fashion brand using beautiful screen prints in vibrant joyful colours with fun youthful designs.

I have always had a keen attention to the environmental impact of the printed fabrics that I work with. With Jaipur Joy I decided to only use screen prints with Iso free dyes and our printers recycle their water so as not to pollute the local water supply. Being planet friendly is essential when starting a new fashion brand, so I have also committed to only making small batches of clothing to stick to our slow fashion philosophy. 

So take a look at our, 'hot off the printing press' collection; Available now online for pre- ordering, with delivery in early June. 

Jaipur Joy - for a more joyful way to be in the world.