Plus Sizes for Curvy women

Being a more curvaceous woman, I have always been frustrated by the limited high street shops that cater to my shape. I've always loved fashion since I was a little girl playing dress up in my mothers clothes; but so much of the joy that clothing can give you is lost when you don't fit into the sizing norms of high street brands.

So when I started my journey of designing and producing my own clothing labels, I naturally wanted to make for the more curvaceous woman like myself.

I particularly wanted to pay attention to what my customers were saying. Every woman has those parts of her body that she is sensitive about - myself included. The obvious being things like our comfortable tummys, fuller arms and a generous bust - but also our height - leading me to try to design in a way that was still a combination of timeless elegance, stylish and funky, but also most importantly - flattering!

I am hoping to put a sizing chart onto my website eventually to give a very clear idea as to the critical fit of each garment in the collection. Until I do please note in the description of each garment how you should expect it to fit. 

Watch this space folks x