Cuddles With An Elephant

When travelling to Rajasthan in India, one the must do travel experiences is to go for a ride on an elephant. The small elephant village outside of Jaipur near to the Amber fort in Amer, is where you can meet some of the most affectionate and well-loved elephants you could want to meet.

The dusty road that leads to the elephants takes you off track where the road opens up in to a beautiful dry river bed. You hear the throaty calls of the elephants before you see them. Grinning broadly, you are ushered into meet your ride for the afternoon. Anushka nudges me as I go in for a hug and a photo, she is the mother of the herd and you can feel her affectionate mothering instincts as she patiently waits for you to finish.

Ones dignity goes flying out the window as you attempt to mount your ride and get adjusted to the view from your new height.

It’s one of those joyful experiences that India has to offer, as you gain a beautiful insight into these gentle giants’ mischievous personalities and warm character. I will always remember my first cuddle with an elephant…