Kashmiri Embroidery & Pashminas

The main two embroidery that we source from Kashmir is sozni embroidery and Crewel work.

Sozni embroidery is all hand stitched and is extremely fine needlework on either a fine wool or beautiful cashmere. It is often a craft that is done traditionally by men and is a handicraft that is handed down from generation to generation.
Individuals are paid per finished shawl which will provide an additional income for the family unit.

Angelina Jole is seen below wearing a pure pashmina with beautiful sozni embroidery.

Crewel work is a form of crochet which creates a chain stitch embroidery. In Kashmir there is a fabulously vibrant cottage industry in crewel embroidery. Mostly producing beautiful rugs and wall hangings in a wool crewel work, but also some incredible examples of crewel work on garments as seen by first ladies pictured below.