Jaipur Joy - a new affordable brand with the craft of screen printing at its heart.

With the birth of my new brand Jaipur Joy last year, I wanted to respond to the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis by creating a brand that at its core was genuinely affordable. One of the ways I could tackle this was to start working with a less expensive form of printing on cotton from the hand block printed fabrics I had always used. This is where my journey with the screen printers who now print for me started. One of the main reasons for this kind of printing being cheaper than hand block prints is the speed at which the fabric can be printed. Where hand block printers and in particular, natural dyers might take two weeks to print 200 metres, this same amount of fabric can be screen printed in one day. It was a great starting point, but also meant that the look of the brand was immediately brighter in colour and more vibrant in impact. Screen prints by nature are often full of joy due to the fabulous colourful designs featuring tigers and leopards, peacocks and parrots, we even have one print with Frieda Karlo holding her pet monkey.

The process of screen printing is still the most wonderful hand-crafted artisan technique.

Hand drawn and cut stencils are layered on a silk or mesh screen. Ink is squeezed over this screen, creating intricate patterns on the fabric below. The process requires an in depth understanding of how to layer the colours in each pattern, an instinct that comes with many years of experience.

Some of our designs require several layers of colour. A new stencil and screen is required for each stage and for each colour.

Compared to plastic transfers, screen prints are praised for their durability, staying vivid and distinct for years, even after many washes. 

Our summer collection for 2023 is still on sale and worth a look, with further reductions.

Jaipur Joy - for a more joyful way to be in the world.